The beginning

So after many deliberations concerning the question, 'should i or shouldn't i start a blog?'. The answer is evident from this post. The first post, and therefore, quite an important one.

I know what i would like to do with this new tool of showcasing my work, and also, what happens behind the so-called, 'scenes'. But i thought it appropriate, and fitting, to start at the beginning. To give a brief glimpse into the past. Where this journey started.

Or i should rather say, where the seed was planted.

I say that because at the time, i didn't realize that i wanted to do photography and to ultimately, become a photographer. It was a subconscious consideration. One that wouldn't surface until awhile later.

Accompanying this text, are quite a few images from that moment in time. I am quite nostalgic about all this as i am writing here. It has opened up a floodgate of memories, both good and bad. But mostly hinging on the good side.

I studied medicine. The photos depict my medical hostel. As you can see, its not glamorous by any means, but the Hippocratic oath and the hippo may suggest otherwise. It was a modest place, to say the least, and i peppered it with things to create a more comfortable atmosphere.

These particular images were taken by my good friend. Ironically, the interest in photography started with him, and for awhile, i tailed him when he would go on a shoot. It involved mostly inanimate objects, but i was intrigued nonetheless. From shots of architecture to hallways to light-trails of cars- it was all fascinating and new to me.

So one day, close to the end of my studies and stay at this bastion of future hope, i asked if he could take a few photos- so that i have some memories of this place, that would have otherwise crumbled in my sometimes dubious, internal memory bank. (Or rather, it can be quite selective).

There are some interesting easter eggs to find, although i didn't realize it until recently, and the images depicting a person, is none other than my good friend. I am in some of them, but mostly as a blur or shadow. Its how i saw life at that moment.

It was a fleeting instance. A time that will soon corrode away, and leave no trace.

Its interesting. Even then, i was never really a fan of being in front of the camera. That much i knew at least.

Looking at these photos- stirs up many emotions. Its difficult to describe, but it acts as a catalyst to the future. One that was not apparent at the time. I was an unformed mass of curiosity, following what i thought was best for me. What i thought was best for me according to others.

I do not want to delve into the medical aspect of my life at this stage, since its quite a lengthy tale and i will leave that for another time. These are just the beginnings. Nothing has formed yet. A seed has been planted and my path has been altered.

To the viewers, these images won't have much of an impact, since the memory connected to them are mine. But at least, it gives a picturesque impression of a life that could be anyone's.

I would say this entry is a prologue to the journey. I will elucidate what i plan to do with future entries in the next post. But it will focus more on who is front of my lens, than the person taking the image.

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