South African born photographer, Louis Daniel Botha, grew up in a small town close to the city of Pretoria. He studied medicine after school and discovered a passion for photography, during the course of his studies. With scant time available, time had to be carefully divided between hospital work and doing shoots.

He started traveling, initially locally, to beautiful places such as mozambique and cape town, then internationally to the USA and UK. From there his passion grew and he started working with numerous clients, including GQ, Men's health, Woman's health, Glamour, King Kong, Carbon Copy, Caleo, D' scene and others.

Still in the prime of his career, he travels frequently, focusing primarily on photography. With a distinct, and perhaps, primary interest in black and white imagery.

His main interest is fashion, commercial and portraiture, with a niche appreciation of the male physique, in the form of fitness photography.

He draws inspiration from the likes of Helmut Newton, Horst P Horst, Robert Mapplethorphe, Ansel Adams,Mariano Vivanco,Richard Avedon, Irving Penn and Herb Ritts.

Currently, he is working on several projects, including a book tentatively titled, 'men in fashion'

Louis currently lives in the city of pretoria, south africa.